Brotherly Love


Summary: Blaine had realized his feelings went beyond brotherly love a long time ago.

Prompt: Kurt and Blaine fall deeply in love—there’s just one problem: they’re siblings.

Warnings: Incest

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Klaine Locations | The April Rhodes Civic Pavilion/ The McKinley High School Auditorium (2/10)


Registration Day
Chris/Darren, Trip and Stumble-verse. PG.

emisfritish asked for a Trip and Stumble drabble.

"No, no, no, no, no-" Chris chants at his laptop, willing the site to load.

Darren stands behind him, hands on Chris’s shoulders. He’s rubbing them and whispering gentle…

klainehiatuschallenge day 37 - favorite headcanon

I like that you’re bigger, Blaine says with a shaky breath, a bashful smile. I was insecure about it, a while ago, but now it’s almost all I can think about, the fact you’re a little taller and your shoulders are broader and you’re so strong when you hold me. Blaine’s voice has gone low like it does when he’s sleepy or turned on and heat jolts through Kurt at the sound of it.



crisscolfer + Downton Abbey (prompted by pavarottisklaine)



  1. Darren Criss may be tiny but the hugs, man, the hugs
  2. Always buy the best ticket you can afford, you’re gonna want those perks
  3. Darren Criss is the most genuinely humble, sweetest celeb ever
  4. White tattoos really don’t hurt (much)
  5. Darren Criss singing TD live is better than the…


If you’re at a pool, and there’s some kids running, and the life guard shouts “No running!” do you interject with “EXCUSE ME, NOT ALL OF US WERE RUNNING.”

If you’re in class, and a classmate is eating, and your professor addresses his students, “There’s no…



"Hey Chris, can you hold something for me?”

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